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How it Works

in three easy steps

1. Choose Your Coaching Website Template & Logo

Choose one of our four unique coaching website templates. Each of our templates works well with life coaching, career coaching, wellness coaching, divorce coaching, executive coaching, or your own special niche offering.

Once you’ve selected a template, you can choose a color scheme and we will work on the logo and website design to personalize it for your practice.

2. Determine what you need

Our coaching website templates are the perfect fit for lots of coaches. We can help you quickly roll out a professional website you’re proud of by having ready-to-go templates. There are fewer decisions to make, and they are very well communicated. For those coaches who have lots of different services or want a custom look and feel beyond the templates, we are also excited to serve you.

Our basic coaching website package is great for new coaches with a straightforward service offering. It includes one service page that outlines the services that a coach provides for their clients. Our three-services pages coaching website package is best for coaches with varied service offerings.  For all websites, after the launch, you have the ability to add as many more pages as you’d like.

Next, consider two potential add-ons. If you struggle to write and need help editing, consider our writing/editing add-on. The other add-on will help with getting found online by potential clients. If you are hoping to build your practice by more than word of mouth, you might consider our SEO add-on.

The great news is that all of our packages are affordable! Not sure what you need? Feel free to send us a chat request or contact us with questions and we will do our best to find the right fit for you!

Basic  package – one service page example

coaching services page

Three service pages package example

coaching website packages

3. Provide your content and we create your website

Once you figure out what you need, we have a brief contract for you to sign, and then you can provide payment.

Next, you will receive a simple workbook laying out the content we need to gather from you. We will make sure you’ve secured a domain name and hosting through a reputable company. Guidance is provided if necessary.

There are numerous places for images on your coaching website template. Personal images are highly recommended but stock images are also a good option. Each package comes with a set number of images you can select from Adobe Stock Images.

Please visit our blog for ideas on how to make your website content shine.

Once you have provided your content, we will get busy building your website. With a tight seven-business-day turnaround time to build your template website, we will work closely and quickly with you to make sure everything is pixel perfect.

You get one round of edits and then once you give us the thumbs up, we will launch your website. Afterward, you are welcome to sign up for our maintenance program or handle your own website maintenance.

Still have Questions?

info about all the things

What do I need to get started?

To get started, you need a registered domain name and website hosting through a reputable web host. Not sure know how to do this? We are happy to help.

Once you’ve chosen your package and template we give you a detailed planner for the content we need from you to get started.

Do I have to write my own copy?

We believe strongly that the right coaching clients will hire you because they are attracted to your words and how you present yourself.  For each section on the template you chose, there are copy guidelines. We understand that writing (and talking about yourself!) can be hard and therefore we are happy to offer our copywriting/editing services for those who really want it.

How do I maintain my website?

Performing website maintenance is extremely important in keeping your website safe and running optimally.  WordPress core code, themes, and plugins need to be updated regularly. Once the website has been turned over to you, you are responsible for maintenance unless you opt in to our maintenance program. Please ask at the time of purchase if you are interested in this program.

Why do you use WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for really good reasons.  WordPress is open-source, well supported, and has stood the test of time. It’s also excellent for search engine optimization (getting found online).

Can I use my existing newsletter service in a marketing block?

We highly recommend Mailchimp but other services are also possible if they integrate easily into WordPress. Please inquire if you have a service you’d like to use.

Do you offer refunds?

You have five days post-payment to ask for a refund. The only exception to this rule is if during those five days you’ve submitted your content and we’ve started on your project.

Can I add more pages later?

Once your website is turned over to you, you are welcome to do anything you’d like. We will show you how to add content to your blog and there are many good tutorials online about how to add pages and content to a WordPress website. Additionally, you are welcome to hire us at our hourly rate if you don’t want to attempt it yourself.

How long will it take to build my website?

If you choose a template package, once you’ve given us all of your content (spelled out in our detailed planner), we will get started. It will take no more than 7 business days from that time for you to receive the first draft of your website. You get back to us with the changes and we will launch your website.

If you select our Custom package, we will give you a quote and an estimate on the time needed to complete your website.

How do I fill the blog on my website?

Blogging is an excellent way to create new content for your users and provides a unique opportunity to show off your coaching knowledge.  Search engines love new content as well because it shows them you have an active business.

When your website is finished, we will set up an optional 30-minute Zoom screen sharing session to show you how to add blog posts and optimize them for SEO with confidence.

Do you provide blog content to get me started?

We understand that writing blog content can be hard. We do not provide blog content because search engines like Google do not like duplicate content and will often consolidate matching content and only show one version. If your website is ranked lower than the site you are taking the content from, yours might not show up at all. Need inspiration? Check out our blog for topic ideas.

How does the online appointment scheduling work?

We will have you set up your own Calendly account. From there you can set your schedule and we will integrate it into your website when you are ready. Their basic level is free. If you want more customizations, you can step up to a premium or pro account. Pricing options are here.

Need ideas for engaging with your audience?

Visit our blog for all kinds of great ideas on what to do!

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