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20 Unique Coaching Niches in 2021

If you’ve recently come from just about any coaching school, you’ve been told to succeed in the coaching world, you’ll need to find a coaching niche. People hire coaches to help them solve specific problems. As a coach, it’s important to know what kind of problems you are most interested in and qualified to help others solve. Having a specialty area or niche helps you market yourself to a specific audience and allows you to focus on developing knowledge in one main area.

Some coaches get into coaching because they are drawn to helping people with a specific issue. For me, that issue was divorce.  However, for as many coaches who are certain about their niche, there are coaches that are not. Today, we will explore some unique coaching niches in 2021 that might just inspire you.

1. Mindset Coach

A Mindset Coach helps clients discover which of their behaviors, habits and patterns of limited thinking prevent them from living their best life. Using different techniques, Mindset Coaches help clients change the way they view themselves and the world. The end result allows the client to feel freer to be who they want to be and to let go of stifling expectations.

2. Running Coach

A Running Coach is a specific type of Fitness Coach that helps their clients to train smarter for races with individualized training and workout programs. They provide encouragement, accountability, and help clients get through psychological and physical blocks that are holding them back from achieving optimal performance.

running coach
Online dating coach

3. Online Dating Coach

An Online Dating Coach helps clients navigate the tricky world of online dating. While they also help clients with the typical dating pitfalls and help set them up for success, their focus is specifically on dating through dating apps. Online Dating Coaches help clients determine the right apps for them, their ideal profile, communicating with matches and going on dates.

4. ADHD Coach

An ADHD Coach is a professional well versed in ADHD and helps clients with planning and time management skills, have clearer judgment, stay motivated and have a greater sense of self-efficacy. For ADHD coaches who work with children with ADHD, they help with staying on task in school, with homework, and overall self-confidence. People of all ages have benefited from working with an ADHD Coach.

ADHD Coach
Emotional Intelligence Coach

5. Emotional Intelligence Coach

An Emotional Intelligence Coach assesses how much emotional intelligence a client is using in a particular realm (usually at work) and teaches them to improve in the key areas identified as emotional intelligence. These areas include self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. An Emotional Intelligence Coach helps clients improve all of their relationships and excel at solving “people” problems at work.

6. Co-Parenting Coach

A Co-Parenting Coach works with one (or both) parents after a divorce or separation to help them communicate and make decisions that are in the best interest of their child. A Co-Parenting Coach helps clients identify where there is a communication breakdown, what individual children need, and how best to work together.

Co-parenting Coach
Recovery Coach

7. Recovery Coach

A Recovery Coach works with clients overcoming an addiction. Different than a sponsor, a Recovery Coach gets to know a client’s history, assists with a plan to stay sober, and supports and encourages their client to find healthier coping strategies. They can also help a client rebuild their lives and relationships.

8. Money Coach

A Money Coach or Financial Coach guides clients through making financial decisions. A Money coach also helps a client to uncover how their relationship to money or how their emotions about money have affected how they interact with their wealth or lack of it. A Money Coach then helps their client develop a healthier relationship with money and a plan for financial stability.

money coach
Nutrition Coach

9. Nutrition Coach

A Nutrition Coach empowers their clients to take responsibility for their health through healthy eating designed specifically for the client. A Nutrition Coach has the education and knowledge of nutritional science and behavior change. Some Nutrition Coaches further define their niche working with specific dietary needs such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and food allergies.

10. Meditation Coach

A Meditation Coach works with clients to design a specific meditation program that fits their individual and lifestyle needs.  The highest goal for most Meditation Coaches is to help their clients uncover their deepest intentions and needs.  Through individualized meditation practices, they empower clients to manifest those intentions to fulfill their goals and reduce stress.

Retirement Coach

11. Retirement Coach

A Retirement Coach helps their clients figure out one of the biggest transitions of someone’s life – retirement. A retirement coach helps their clients create a plan for the mental, social, physical, and spiritual changes that take place in retirement. With more time on their hands than ever before, some can feel lost and confused. A Retirement Coach helps them find direction and purpose in this phase of their lives.

12. College Admission Coach

A College Admissions Coach helps pre-college students navigate the college admission process and determine what college will best meet their academic and social needs. They also assist with college major exploration, time management with meeting application deadlines, college application essays, and finding scholarship & financial aid resources.  A good College Admissions Coach will get to know their individual client’s strengths and weaknesses to help them put their best foot forward in getting into the school of their dreams.

College Admissions Coach
Marketing Coach

13. Marketing Coach

A Marketing Coach helps business owners set clear and strategic goals and implement strategies that grow their business. They also help them determine their ideal customers, and how to market their product or service in a way that speaks to their target market. Some Marketing Coaches further define their coaching niche by working with clients in particular professions such as creative professionals, technology professionals, built-environment leaders and more.

14. Grief Coach

A Grief Coach helps a client move through their grief towards future growth and helps them to rebuild their life after a significant loss of a loved one.  A Grief Coach supports a client by helping them understand how losing someone can deeply impact their identity and their future plans. Like all coaches, A Grief Coach is focused on the present and the future, not the past.

Grief Coach
Leadership Coach

15. Leadership Coach

A Leadership Coach helps an individual leader, a work team, or an entire organization to become more effective in the workplace. On an individual level, a Leadership Coach works with clients to develop more self-awareness, transparency, curiosity, improve critical thinking skills and accelerate learning. By working with individuals, Leadership Coaches can affect change leading to better team performance and sustainable organizational change.

16. Women's Empowerment Coach

A Women’s Empowerment Coach guides women to find their own voice by embracing their perceived flaws and overcoming obstacles. A Women’s Empowerment Coach helps women view the world in a more empowering way and to redefine themselves and the roles they want to play in life and society. Clients find freedom and renewed self-confidence to go after their dreams without regret.

Women's Empowerment Coach
Public Speaking Coach

17. Public Speaking Coach

A Public Speaking Coach helps clients overcome their fear of public speaking by analyzing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses as a speaker and helping them improve in specific areas. A Public Speaking Coach helps the client become clear on the message they want to deliver, teaches them how to generate that message, and how to deliver it effectively.

18. Writing Coach

A Writing Coach supports writers to improve their style, increase sales, and become professionals.  A Writing Coach typically discusses the stages of the project and helps keep the writer organized and accountable to a schedule.  He or she may also help the writer develop the plot, set a tone, and produce a coherent, clear and captivating narrative.

Writing Coach
Public Speaking Coach

19. Work–life Balance Coach

A Work-life Balance Coach works with clients to stop chronic stress and eventual burnout. They help clients set boundaries with themselves and others, manage difficult people in their lives, and schedule self-care. A Work-life Balance Coach often works with a client in a stressful or high-powered job who is managing several important roles in their personal and professional lives.

20. Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach works with their clients on both the business of divorce and to help their clients through the life transition during and after divorce. A Divorce Coach can help with all aspects of this life transition from identity, parenting, moving on, communicating with their ex, defining new relationships, career changes, moving, and much more.

coaching niches in 2021

While there are many more unique coaching niches in 2021 to be found, we hope that this inspired you to think more specifically about what you have to offer as a coach and where you want your coaching practice to go. If you are looking to become a coach, go to the International Coaching Federation’s website. They list a number of excellent coaching schools to support coaching niches in 2021.

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