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5 Tips for Your “About Me” Page

Many coaches I know dread writing the content for their coaching “About Me” page. Helping and focusing on others comes naturally to coaches, but putting the focus on themselves can feel foreign and uncomfortable.

Showing up for ourselves is critical in many areas but for this one in particular.  The About Me page is the second most visited page on a coaching website (after the home page). The primary purpose of this page is to introduce yourself to potential clients and how you do that matters. Now that I’ve added even more pressure (sorry!) I’ve outlined some simple ways to get you well on your way to writing a coaching “About Me” page you’ll be proud of.

coaching about me page

About Me Tip #1

It’s actually about them

Well, mostly. When you visit a professional’s website that you are considering hiring, what is it that you really want to know?  I bet it’s that they can help you.

So how do you show someone you are the one they are looking for? One of the best ways is to be clear that by working with you, they can hope to achieve a particular outcome.  Whatever that is – relief, more confidence, better job and relationship satisfaction, etc., don’t be shy here. Share your successes and how your clients feel after working with you.

About Me Tip #2

Who do you love to work with?

Many coaches shy away from narrowing their client focus too much in fear that it will scare away everyone else. Successful coaches realize that when they are coaching the types of clients they enjoy the most, they shine. The opposite can also be true. When they are coaching someone who isn’t the right fit, they question themselves and their efficacy.

Spend some time brainstorming about who your ideal client is. Then when you start writing your about me page content, write specifically as if you were talking to them.

About Me Tip #3

Show yourself and tell your story

A picture of you is a must. In a business as personal as coaching, people want to know who they are working with. Don’t have a professional headshot? Grab a friend and your phone and have them take as many as necessary until they take one you like.  Still don’t love it? Use it in the interim until you can get a professional one taken, it will be better than none.

Decide if you want to write in the first person or third person. Coaches who specialize in life coaching, relationship coaching, divorce coaching and wellness coaching should consider writing in the first person.  Executive and business coaches might want to consider approaching it from the third person. Either way, telling a compelling story of how you became a coach will help clients connect with you.

Your story should be brief and to the point. If you’ve overcome adversity in your life or career, say it. Personal resilience shows clients that you understand what it means to struggle and to get on the other side.  Leave out highly personal details – modeling good boundaries is a bonus.

Include details about why your personal and professional journey has led you to coach and why you are passionate about serving a particular group of people.

About Me Tip #4

Leave the resume format to your resume

While you should include your professional background, education and accomplishments, a resume-type style with dates and titles is not advised. Coaching clients don’t look at your experience the same way a potential employer does. What they really want to know is if your background lends itself to helping them.

About Me Tip #5

Putting it together

As you can see from the example below, I’ve used a fluid style to weave in details to capture all of the tips. It doesn’t matter what order you put these details in, just that they are there. The image of coach April is a casual one but captures her in her element.

You may need to revise your coaching about me page several times before you are satisfied with it. I highly recommend you get feedback from important people in your life to help you edit and add details you may have forgotten.

When you think you are done, look at it one more time and ask yourself if it really represents who you are and what you have to offer.

About me bio for coaches
Cindy Bouchard

Hi! I’m Cindy, the CEO of Coaching Practice Websites, a web design company exclusively for coaches. My passion is helping coaches grow their businesses to make long-lasting and positive impacts on their client's lives.